Bye Bye Berry

When I was writing my first (and currently only) post of 2017, I realized that I forgot to put in a very important change in my life.

As of December 2016…..

I became an iPhone user 😦

I had to give up my precious BlackBerry Passport because WhatsApp wasn’t going to support the RIM system anymore, and while I was okay with it – most of my friends weren’t. And I used it a lot for business too so I really didn’t have much of a choice.

(I did try ways and means to get WhatsApp working on the BB though. Nothing worked.)

It was super painful giving up what has been my favourite phone ever – the first being my Nokia 3210, yes I like bulky phones – and ending a decade long relationship. I’ve used just about every popular model BlackBerry has ever produced. From the Storm, to a Curve, onto a Bold and even their first touchscreen Z30.

A good friend gave me an excellent deal on the iPhone 7… a few hundred dollars off market price for a brand new Jet Black 125gb still sealed set so I got this from her. I’m still missing my baby berry but I must say, its been interesting finally getting to play games and buy pretty handphone covers.

But I still HATE touchscreen keyboards.

One day, in the very near future, I WILL get my hands on another BlackBerry that supports WhatsApp. Until then, I’m having fun uploading massively overly edited photos of myself to Facebook.

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