My Scalp Died But Then I Became A Mermaid

UPDATE: The Roots Salon has just kindly offered 20% off for any first timer who tries out their services and mentions my name. You do have to like their Facebook page first though.

Click-bait title again! Sorry, that’s my latest hobby – generating click worthy articles both for work and for my blog. Seems like that’s the only thing that people are interested in reading or sharing nowadays.

I had my last haircut and dye job back in January, just slightly before Chinese New year. My hair was a beautiful greenish-brownish-ashy colour which I loved (and if you didn’t see it, its here and you should really go see it because I spent a long time photoshopping my face) and had intended to ask Stella to do again.


If you have read enough of my hair sponsorships posts, you’ll know that my hair actually belongs to my hairstylist and she has been making allllllll the decisions when it comes to “my” hair for more than half my life. So my initial intentions were:

  1. Cut my now shoulder length hair back to a bob/chin length something;
  2. Colour it the same greenish/brownish colour from before

Almost dying from scalp pain 3 times within an estimated 7 hours later…..

I didn’t get a single thing I asked for. Or did I get what I never knew I wanted instead?

The day began awesome. There was a beautiful sunny sky, I didn’t have to work, the cute drink seller I bought my iced Teh-O from flirted with me and told me I’m pretty, I could go shopping after an hour or two of getting my hair cut. And then this conversation happened:

Stella: 今天有没有空? (Do you have time today?

Me: 我几时没有空的? (Since when I don’t have time?)

Stella: Okay, 今天做头发不要收你的钱。(Okay, then no charge on all your hair services today.)

Then I know – SIAO LIAO, SHE WANNA ACT LIKE MAD SCIENTIST ON MY HAIR AGAIN. Its a running joke among my family and the BF (who all go to The Roots Salon by the way) how she gets SUPER excited when I agree to become her guinea pig. The look on her face becomes like she strike Hongbao Draw first prize and sole winner. But I don’t mind lah, I have never ever disliked anything that she has ever done for me, voluntary or not. Plus its just hair, it’ll grow back.

It started off really well. I see her turn to a page of normal human looking colours in her dye book. The worst that could happen would be blonde (that will clash like mad with my naturally tanned skin so I don’t want) or silver (which actually I want cos I always liked Storm from X-Men).

PS: If you think she has pretty nails, its done by her in-house manicurist. You’ll need to make an appointment though, number is at the end of this post.

And then I smelled bleach.

But okay lah. Even when she wants to literally do weird 50 Shades Of Grey things (HAHAHAHA) to me, she still has my/her hair’s best interests at heart.

L’Oréal has always been a generous sponsor to me so no qualms giving L’Oréal Professionnel some free advertising here. The Roots Salon uses SMARTBOND, which is their newest protective and strengthening service, specifically designed for hairdressers. Its a unique system that protects and strengthens the hair during technical services (such as bleach and haircolor).

It turns damaged/sensitized/dull/coloured/highlighted/bleached hair types into reinforced, more resistant, softer and shinier tresses.

I underwent two rounds of bleaching. The first was alright, just some slight tingling sensations here and there partly cos I forgot I was gonna go dye hair and scrubbed my scalp squeaky clean the night before. That’s when the green patches in my header image from my previous dye job emerged.

Second round of bleach was a little bit tougher. Nose burning fumes kept wafting in my direction and I could feel prickling. I think I weakling also lah since I haven’t had bleach sooooo close to my scalp in about 15 years, give or take. Then the real dye came on.

And I almost cried. (Actually I dropped two tears but I think/hope nobody saw.)

DAMN PAIN OKAY. The stylist asked me 头皮是不是有一点辣辣 (does my scalp feel a little bit warm) and I nearly spewed all my vulgarities at her. It was 辣 (warm/spicy) until I couldn’t even distinguish which part of my head was hurting. I confess – I asked for a timeout and seriously reconsidered for 15 seconds if I want to go through with this torture. But if I could do my nose surgery without any anesthesia, what’s a dye job right? At that point, they were barely 10% into colouring and I still didn’t know what I was gonna get. So just grin and bear it lor. But the pain lessened after about 5-minutes-that-felt-like-5-days later.

And then I became what I’ve always known I was deep down inside my heart my ENTIRE LIFE.








I’m finally in my natural state – a Fairy Princess Mermaid whose spirit animal is a unicorn. There’s only one way to explain my feelings for this unexpected colour so excuse my language when I say: I FUCKING LOVE THIS.

The crown of my head is an ashy silver just like Storm from X-Men, the middle a pastel periwinkle purple, and the ends a shade of blue that even a writer like myself can’t easily describe. Coincidentally, I did edit myself into a very similar look a few months ago. And when the wind blows, I feel like I should have bokeh all around me, just exploding from my beautiful princess fairy mermaid hair.

The colour graduation is seamless, sort of a three-tone ombre instead of the regular two-tone. When stationary, much of the end blues can’t really be seen but I’m a walking and  talking mermaid princess fairy cloud when I move. A little girl pointed at me today and told her mom that “Mommy! You see that jiejie got My Little Pony hair!”.

Supposedly this will fade to grey when the colour washes out and I’m also looking forward to that. And as it is with all bleached hair, I expected them to feel dry and brittle but I think the SMARTBOND did what it was supposed to do, plus I had a collagen treatment done as well. My hair feels just like if I washed it regularly with shampoo and no conditioner. Not as soft as it normally is, but not in danger of breaking with just a slight touch.

So my scalp died 3 times and nothing that I wanted (chin length bob + green/brown dye) actually happened, instead I left with still shoulder length hair and nothing remotely green or brown on my head.

But I did get what is the best hair style I’ve ever had in my life. Its not something that I would have chosen for myself because I didn’t think it would suit me plus I wouldn’t have known how to verbalize it.

Show you my chio picture one more time because I truly am in love with this and not only just cos I didn’t pay for it and its sponsored so I’m obligated.

This would cost $450 if you have similar length hair to me if you want to do it too, but do remember to set aside lots of time. And then we can be Fairy Princess Mermaids* together

* I’ve been calling myself a fairy/princess/mermaid for at least 18 years. And insisting that I’m a fairy/princess/mermaid from another universe but stranded on Earth and my pet unicorn is actually Tuppy, who has turned into a dog while I turned human so he can be with me.

As of now, my best friends and boyfriend have been ignoring me for hours because I keep telling them that I look like what I was “before I became human like them”. I think I will get beaten by one of them very soon.

The Roots Salon
Elias Mall
Block 625, Pasir Ris Drive 3, #02-308 (Go up the escalator and keep left.)
Singapore 510625
Tel:6582 9763 or 6584 7002 (Do call and make an appointment, they can get very busy!)
Nail Tel: 9007 7511 (Call or text.)

Like their Facebook page here.

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