Nail Art at Tip Toe Nails & Hair Spa

I mentioned previously that I had my nails done when I visited Tip Toe Nails & Hair Spa.. its been a little while now and my manicure  has only deteriorated a little bit, while my pedicure is still in fantastic shape.

If you’re following me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll already know what’s on my fingers. But what’s on my wee toesies?


Hahaha I know you can’t see anything except my stubbly legs but I’ll put a proper picture later in this post. A quick recap first:

Tip Toe Nails & Hair Spa is both a nails and hair place that has been around for a little while now. Situated in Tampines, they are efficient and uber pocket friendly.

Had a very soothing foot spa-ish thing while my previous gelish was being removed… and I was also stalking Herine from the mirror while she was doing her herbal hair treatment.

I didn’t know what kind of designs I wanted so I left alllllll the decision making up to the professionals. My nails were terribly long though. Very scary picture incoming that terrified Herine!


The last time I actually cut my nails properly was a few days before Chinese New Year. This picture was taken in mid March HAHAHA. I wore the same manicure from December 2016 to March 2017… I’ll put up another post on how to get the most out of your nail art some other day.

So here’s what adorned all my extremities. My pedicure picture is not blurred okay, its just that the surrealism like design makes it look like I had a shaky hand when I shot this.

The only constraint I put on my manicure was that I wanted something that could grow out prettily and they lived up to my request admirably. Its my first gingham manicure that’s not the usual colours like red/black or blue/white. I also noticed that they put on an additional layer of some special top coat so that the colours will maintain their vibrancy. Being a smoker who usually gets yellowed nails after a little while, I gotta say that special layer really helps.

On my toes, I did wonder for a little while what the hell kind of design was going on since it started with random spots of differently coloured dry brushing but I really like the end results. Even the BF complimented them, which is a rarity.

My nail design costs $50 (excluding regular manicure charges. Express manicures are $8, and a classic pedicure would only set you back by $30.

Tip Toe Nails & Hair Spa
Block 826, Tampines Street 81, #01-118
Tel: 9161 1243

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