No Longer a Fairy Mermaid Princess.. (sort of)

This was my Instagram story (@vivischryst) on 13th May 2017. 

As much as I loved my first creative colouring hair job from before, we had a really short relationship. I’m not too sure why but my hair tends to lose pigments super quickly. And so… my beautiful hair went from fairy to platinum in only 3 weeks.

And I’m naturally brunette, so I had a reverse skunk situation going on and it looked super unprofessional. So I thought that I’ll go get my nice sleek bob back and be dark haired again.

So I thought.

Once again, I most definitely do not have short brown hair. Apparantly this is called a purple ash melt but I prefer to call it my “mature fairy princess mermaid” colour. Its somewhat similar to the last one with the exception of blue.

The sucky bit about bleaching is the severe loss of hair integrity. My hair’s not too bad but I saw an increase in split/brittle ends after the strip job. They didn’t exactly feel nice and soft and flouncy too despite the multitude of selfies I spammed on my social media. This time around, a treatment was done since I had to get bleached again.

The PRO FIBER protocol is personalized and based on a unique Hair Damage Evaluation diagnosis carried out by the hairdresser in order to assess hair damage and select products adapted to the level of sensitization of your hair fiber.

After the diagnosis, the hairdresser applies the specific hair treatment : to resurface hair with a damaged cuticle – RECTIFY, to repair hair with a damaged cuticle and cortex – RESTORE, or to restructure hair with a very damaged cortex – RECONSTRUCT. And  NEW RE-CREATE, to repair and re-materialize hair thinned by damage.

The hairdresser prescribes the at-home program for a long-lasting effect of six weeks of continuous treatment.

At this point, I’ve undergone at least 5 rounds of bleaching so I was prescribed Level 3 – Reconstruct.

And TADAH!  Soft and flouncy looking hair that actually is quite soft and flouncy. The colour in real life is closer to this picture though. The home treatment that I’ve been using since the first bleach job are the Rectify Shampoo, and the Recover Masque.

I hope this colour is gonna last longer than the previous one cos I really hate the maintenance of blonde hair. Will be putting up a separate post on my blonde care exploration journey sometime soon.

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The Roots Salon
Elias Mall
Block 625, Pasir Ris Drive 3, #02-308 (Go up the escalator and keep left.)
Singapore 510625
Tel:6582 9763 or 6584 7002 (Do call and make an appointment, they can get very busy!)
Nail Tel: 9007 7511 (Call or text.)

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