Fun Facts About Our Singapore Passport

For some of us, the Singapore passport may only be a travel document issued by our country’s government. However, do you know that a passport from a country in good standing can be a powerful tool? We already know that our Singapore passport is one of the most widely accepted in the world. Our passport allows us to travel to almost 80% of the countries in the world!

But that’s not all! Besides the widely known facts, do you know that there are also really tiny words in small print, hidden in the Singapore passport? Get your passports out now, because this is going to be a test of your eyesight! Can you see the hidden words?

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1. The Singapore Pledge Is Written On The Esplanade Print

Take a look closer at the Esplanade print on every odd-numbered page. Squint your eyes and you’ll realise our Singapore Pledge is printed at the bottom right-hand corner.  It’s so small, it’s unnoticeable unless you’ve been told!


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This is the real deal. Do you know that there are words on every page number of your Singapore passport? The words are so small, you probably can’t see it with your naked eye. Grab a magnifying glass and squint your eyes to figure out the words “REPUBLICOFSINGAPORE”. Even the macro shot in the camera couldn’t help! We bet you probably didn’t know about this until we told you!


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3. Singapore Passport Is Ranked Top 5 In The World

According to a global index, the Republic has been ranked fifth in travel freedom for three consecutive years. Joint fifth alongside Japan and Austria, Singapore citizens are able to travel to 173 cities and countries without the need to apply for a visa. This includes traveling to North Korea without a visa! As such, Singapore and Japan are the leading Asian countries this year, making us the highest-ranking Asian nations on the travel index!


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Singapore’s and Switzerland’s passports are red to mirror the national flags. However, some communist nations or those formerly under the Communist regime also use red as a reflection of the party flag. Other countries with red passports include Great Britain, China and the Russian Federation. On the other hand, some countries choose the colour of their passports on other factors, such as their culture, geography, politics, or even religion. Despite this, most passports are just different shades of red, blue, and green.


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5. At S$70, Singapore Passport Isn’t That Expensive

As compared to the UK, USA and Turkey, our Singapore’s passport isn’t that expensive to make. It costs S$80. Converted to British pound, it is an estimated £45. It takes about 8 hours of work at Singapore’s minimum wage to buy a passport with a validity of 5 years. This is much more affordable than the UK Passport, £76 (S$135). What’s the worst? Turkey‘s passport, at £166 (S$295).


6. Singapore Had A Blue Passport Before

Well you probably didn’t know Singapore had a blue passport just to facilitate travel between Singapore and West Malaysia. This blue passport, called “Singapore Restricted Passport” (SRP) was created as a result of Singapore’s separation from Malaysia. During that time, there were two kinds of passports, the red one for travelling internationally and the blue one for travelling between Singapore and West Malaysia. However, the blue passport ceased from 31st December 1999.

So, how many of these interesting facts did you know? And also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!

This article first appeared on Discover SG.


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