Where to watch National Day Fireworks?

If you didn’t manage to get tickets to this year’s NDP but still want to watch fireworks, here’s a handy cheat sheet on the best carparks to catch the show. (And some of them don’t even have a parking fee.)

Every 9th of August, the nation comes together to celebrate Singapore’s National Day, and the highlight of which is undoubtedly the National Day Parade, or NDP. For many, no NDP is complete without the requisite fireworks show right at the end, and year after year everyone looks forward to this spectacular showpiece that marks the climax of our country’s birthday celebrations.

There’s nothing better than watching the fireworks show live and up-close in person, but if you haven’t been lucky enough to get tickets to this year’s show at the Marina Bay Floating Platform, not to worry. There are still places where you can get close enough to the action without missing out. Even better, if you have your own car, you can even make it your own personal little picnic outing by bringing along your own drinks and snacks.

Drop the top, kick back and enjoy the view from these five carparks, which we think are the best places to catch the fireworks show (usually starts from about 8:00pm) away from the Floating Platform.

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Why Women Get Angry

I have mixed feelings about the word “bitch.” I know it offends some women, and I worry that the moment I use it, some bright spark is going to go, “Oh, so feminists can call themselves bitches, but I can’t?” before cracking his troglodyte knuckles and finger-blasting the comments section into a fine powder.

But “bitch” is also a word that a lot of women have claimed for ourselves. We do it defensively, defiantly, and preemptively, knowing that people are going to slap it on us anyway whenever we’re stuck in a no-win situation. It’s our paladin’s shield. Our … monk’s … handful of snakes? I don’t know what sort of weapon monks use. The point is, those “no-win situations” are a staple of our lives, and “bitch” has become our military strategy against them. For instance …

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Today, I finally had the answer to the question I’ve been wanting to ask since 17 January 2017. 

I’ve not asked the question because I didn’t want the answer. I wasn’t ready. I thought that if I didn’t ask, I could have more time. 

But today I had the answer. Sort of. 

You know how people say actions speak louder than words? 

A simple pat on the back from my vet. That’s all I needed to know the answer to the question I was afraid to ask. 

A simple gesture that will have me counting each day at a time. And appreciating hours like I have never had before. 

Right now, I can hear you sleeping. I wanted to be stuck to you, to spend as much time as I can before you return to your creator. But it seems you are stuck to me too. You haven’t left my side since we got home. I guess we feel the same. 

14 years is a really short time. And that big beautiful heart of yours that gave me so much joy is now too big for you. 

I wish for you that when the time comes, you won’t be afraid. I wish for you that it will happen on the happiest day of your life, when you go to sleep and wake up at Rainbow Bridge. 

I wish for you to know how much your human Mommy loves you and that I can’t let you go, but please go if you are in pain. 

No Longer a Fairy Mermaid Princess.. (sort of)

This was my Instagram story (@vivischryst) on 13th May 2017. 

As much as I loved my first creative colouring hair job from before, we had a really short relationship. I’m not too sure why but my hair tends to lose pigments super quickly. And so… my beautiful hair went from fairy to platinum in only 3 weeks.

And I’m naturally brunette, so I had a reverse skunk situation going on and it looked super unprofessional. So I thought that I’ll go get my nice sleek bob back and be dark haired again.

So I thought.

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Singapore Birthday Freebies 2017.. And Happy “24th” To Me!

Happy birthday to me~ Since I’m all alone this year (family’s on their yearly sabbatical; BF on his yearly 24/7 work engagements), I thought I’ll do a lonesome solo blog post to celebrate myself. What’s better than shiny, sparkly gems, pizza, and pink?

FREEBIES. AND BENEFITS. Other than Tuppy that is. Onwards to all the free/discounted exploits for the birthday girl during her birthday month in Singapore!

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