Back Acne: What You Need To Know To Prevent And Treat Breakouts

Let’s talk about back acne. You know, those breakouts (consisting of pink pimples and clogged pores) that you know are there but can’t see? Addressing bacne starts with treating the skin on the neck, shoulders and back with the same caution and concern as the skin on the face.

To feel super confident when baring our backs this summer, here’s what to do and what to avoid.

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Weird Tokyo Vending Machine Items

Tokyo is a land of strange and magical vending machines. According to Japan’s National Tourism Organization there are 5.52 million vending machines in the country, totaling 6.95 trillion Yen (62 billion dollars) in sales.

You can get find a really nice range of stuff in Tokyo’s vending machines, whether you are in the mood for canned carrots in sauce or something more daring and exciting like, say, battleships and bobble-head people.

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