Who is GirlyandtheCity and which rock did she crawl out from?
Her real name is Vivienne but she also goes by chrystal, which has been her online moniker for about 16 years now and she intends to deed poll it into her identity card when the time comes. [2015 edit : The time came.]

She’s just a simple Singaporean girl who loves all things beauty and fashion and has been blogging since 1998. She has also written professionally for a number of years for various publications like GameAxis, Premier and Zalora but only turned GirlyandtheCity into a review blog in 2011. In real life, she’s a marketer/copywriter/social media specialist with experience in games, beauty and more recently e-commerce.

GirlyandtheCity was supposed to be GirlyintheCity as per her Tumblr but sadly, the domain was taken when she shifted over to WordPress.

What can you expect on her blog?
Some of her favourite things in life like nail polishes, eyeliners, everything skin care, bags, puppies, damn good sashimi and talking in third person.

She’s rather fussy so you can expect to read dissected reviews on products/services/eating places. You’ll also be bombarded with Lacquer and Luxury – two things which she absolutely loves. On occasion, she shares bits and pieces of personal life, her baby dog Tuppy and interesting articles she finds online. She hates taking selfies so don’t expect much pretty selcas.

Oh, she curses like a sailor too – so she apologises in advance for offending your delicate senses.

Can I buy what she uses/wears?
She’s a huge shopping addict and constantly badgers her friends to buy-this-or-buy-that from the most obscure places overseas and finally set up her own beauty e-shop in 2013. She now finally, actually has a social life and can’t find time to run the shop. You can however, check out the freebies and promos on this page.

How do I advertise with her?
She’s open to advertorials for beauty, fashion, gadget, travel or dining brands. There are also sponsorships and side bar advertisement slots. Other advertisement banners can be discussed.

Do invite her to product launches and events too! She’s got a really sad life staying at home painting nails and playing with cosmetics so please bring her out to play.

She still freelance writes and recently started styling for social media if you’re not into blog advertising. Some of her current work can be found on Channel News Asia, Skycart, Goodyfeed and her brand new Instagram account where she’s styled for PixoDecor and Althea.


Site statistics are available (delayed 12 hour timing) at the bottom of her sidebar.

Some of the brands she’s worked with:

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