[04 Feb 2013] Manicure Monday

Seeing that February is the month of lurveee, I’ll be putting up roses and hearts and whatnots. For today’s rose nail art, you will need:

  1. A base colour – blue in this case
  2. 2 shades of green
  3. 2 shades of pink
  4. A white polish
  5. A small art brush

  1. Start by prepping your nail as usual and apply your base colour.
  2. Using the brush that comes with the polish, apply about 3 blobs of the lighter rose polish onto each nail. Do more or less blobs depending on the size of your nails.
  3. Using your nail art brush and the lighter green polish, dab two bits of polish next to each rose to create the leaves.
  4. Using your nail art brush and the darker rose shade, paint two C shapes on to each rose. You want one large C on the edge of each rose, then a smaller c facing the other way closer to the centre of the rose.
  5. Using your nail art brush and the darker green polish, add a line to one side of each leaf.
  6. Still using your nail art brush, use the white polish to add highlights to your roses. Do this is the same way as you applied the darker shade, but on the opposite side.
  7. Add white highlights to your leaves, again on the opposite side from the darker green.

Finally, apply your top coat and you’re good to go 🙂

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